On 20 December 2022, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs was invited by the leading Polish employers’ organisation, Pracodawcy RP, of which it is a member, to participate in the roundtable on the implementation of the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD).

The meeting, which took place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels, was led by Janusz Pietkiewicz, a member of the Committee and Vice President of Pracodawcy RP, and Rafał Baniak, President of Pracodawcy RP, with the participation of numerous business leaders, experts, and representatives of employer and sectoral organisations.

Christa Schweng, President of the EESC, inaugurated this meeting by recalling the objectives of the directive. The participants were aware of the importance of this text, but  underlined the possible difficulties of its application and suggested good practices and solutions.

Anne Mazoyer-Jankowska, with Felix Goodenough and Wiktor Zamojski, both consultants of the firm, confirmed the firm’s willingness to help companies in the application of the directive, especially in clarifying the grey areas by continuing the dialogue with the European institutions.

“The implementation of the directive should not be perceived as a constraint on companies, but as a sign of their commitment to human rights and the environment,” said President Rafał Baniak on several occasions. The employers’ organisation has partnered with Forbes to raise awareness and support Polish companies in assimilating and implementing this text.

You can find the article about this event by following this link.