Communication & Press Relations

Communication strategy

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs advises and assists its clients in the relations they have with their audiences in order to respond to the various image and infl uence needs they may encounter, such as:

  • the development of a brand strategy in order to situate the company within its market and competitive environment, from which its positioning and communication can be derived;
  • mobilising opinion leaders and opinion multipliers;
  • the expression of an organisation’s personality and the sharing of a common vision of its future;
  • the modifi cation of an effective change in behaviour with regard to a cause of general interest;
  • the recognition of the company or the sector;
  • mobilising teams around a corporate project;
  • nurturing the reputation of the company, sector or CEO.

Press Relations, Public Relations, Event Management

Opinion management is now a priority issue for most companies. An attitude of openness and dialogue has become indispensable.

The analysis fi rst enables the issues to be defi ned, the key targets to be identifi ed and the reference messages to be constructed, but also enables personal contacts to be made with audiences that are particularly important to society, with a view to informing them, convincing them and, in turn, encouraging them to disseminate the information they have been provided to a wider audience.

The natural objective of Press Relations is to obtain qualitative and quantitative press coverage that is of value to the company, and to establish a real relationship with its public.Public Relations express the integration of the company in its economic, social, cultural and political environment.

The firm’s organisational experience, its network, and its close links with its technological partners enable it to offer a very wide range of services in this area, by creating infl uential events, virtual or face-to-face, that combine strategy with operational implementation.

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs thus supports companies, economic sectors and their managers in their daily relations with the media, but also with political, economic and social institutions in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Warsaw. The fi rm, beyond its obligation of means, is committed to concrete and quantifi able results.

Personal branding

The primary aim of Personal Branding is to enable the development of a clear and effective personal communication strategy of one’s professional identity. This is in order to stand out from one’s competitors and peers, to promote one’s professional activities, expertise and convictions, and to develop one’s reputation.