Crisis management and communication

Industrial and service sector restructuring

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs’ crisis management support in the context of industrial or service restructuring involves a positive approach to conflict resolution, that includes bridging antagonisms and calming dialogue with the various stakeholders. The aim is to steer and transform issues in favour of a shared interest, through which opportunities for reconstruction will emerge.

The consultancy’s expertise includes experience developed in the food, energy, specialty chemicals, health, packaging and aviation sectors, as well as a deep knowledge of social and political issues.

In order to apprehend, anticipate and manage a crisis, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs offers:

  • Anticipation and training in crisis management:
    The objective of the training in crisis management and communication proposed by the consultancy is to be able to manage communication when a critical situation arises and to protect the image of a given entity or company director.
  • Prevention and management of social risk in the context of mergers and acquisitions, acquisition of shareholdings and/or disposals, redundancy plans, or site closures;
  • Operational intervention:
    crisis response strategy,
    risk assessment & management,
    crisis management,
    change management in complex or sensitive environments,
  • the protection of the image of the company and its managers;
  • supporting and intervening in the field with trade unions, stakeholders and local or national authorities.